VRD's Leadership

Denise Sapienza
As the president of VRD Contracting, Inc., Denise Sapienza’s goal is to manage and build a successful general contracting company which services all sectors of the commercial marketplace. Denise has extensive experience in sales, marketing, managing and negotiating contracts, as well as a proven track record in running a successful business. Her work ethic ensures that VRD is an organization that delivers impeccable service – an absolute essential in today’s marketplace.

Glen Haraden
Glen Haraden has been an account executive for VRD Contracting since its founding. As someone who has been in management positions in the construction industry for more than 24 years, Glen has experience in a variety of high-profile projects. His expertise and background in drywall, acoustic ceilings, carpentry and millwork help to expedite schedules and provide finished products that are aesthetically pleasing to clients.

Carl S. Buchman
Carl S. Buchman has been an account executive at VRD Contracting since 2002, and he brings to VRD 30 years of experience in the construction industry running various companies. As an account executive, Carl’s clients include both GreenPoint and North Fork Banks. His extensive knowledge and background in the industry exemplify VRD’s vision.

Mark Foster
A project manager for VRD Contracting, Mark Foster has a degree in construction technology from Indiana State University. He has more than 15 years of experience in tenant fit-out, renovation, restoration, and out of the ground projects. Mark’s ability to bid, run and close out projects in an effective manner complements the company vision at VRD. His commitment to owner relations enhances VRD’s reputation for quality and on-time performance.

George Turney
George Turney is a construction superintendent for VRD Contracting with more than 25 years experience in the industry. His extensive knowledge of construction, in tandem with his civil engineering and carpentry background, rounds out his superior resume. George’s knowledge of computers, including proficiencies in Microsoft Project and Sure Track Project Management, along with being detail oriented, make him a valuable asset in the field for VRD.

Roger Lamparter
Roger Lamparter is a construction superintendent for VRD. With a bachelor’s degree in architecture and a minor in construction management from the Pratt Institute, Roger has worked for more than 26 years in the industry. A strong carpentry and management background makes Roger able to easily adapt to any situation that presents itself in the field. He works relentlessly to ensure that every task is completed properly and on time for all of VRD’s customers.

Keith Larsen
A construction superintendent for VRD Contracting, Keith Larsen has more than 29 years in the field coordinating and running construction projects. His strong carpentry background complements his broad knowledge of the industry and sharp eye for detail. Consistently providing clients with the best products while completing projects on time make Keith invaluable to VRD.

Each member of the VRD staff is committed to providing maximum value to its clients in all phases of a project – from planning through facility completion. The team’s unremitting communication with architects, engineers, sub-contractors and owners ensures that the designer’s intent is accurately translated while achieving
cost-savings and enhancing
client returns.